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We can provide you with special immo services.


The summer is over and a new time has come to start working again. 
Maybe our company can help you with some services that we provide and can make your work easier. 
Or maybe you can introduce us to the clients who are in need of these services.



1* Make an inventory of the property, totally detailed with pictures and presented in a folder.

So the new owner knows exactly what is in the property. The person who does the rentals or management can follow on the list what is missing! 
PRICE: 30€ + VAT


2* Make an inspection of the property, to see if all is provided according to the law on Holiday rentals.


What is missing we can provide. Like this, the property is totally in order for inspection. 

We can provide: 
Air conditioning:  price per property 
Dark curtains:     price per property en running meters of fabric
Fire extinguisher 80 € 
Fire blanket 50 € 
First Aid Kit fully filled  35 € 
Book for the tenants 35 €  (see under)
Plate with registration code outside 10 € 
Rules of the property 10 € 


3* Make the tourist book as needed according to the law.


ALL information about the property, rules of the urbanization, all amenities in the area, doctor, hospital, pharmacy, etc. Plus all kinds of information about the region, what to see, folders, prices, which is famous, etc. In a nice folder, with pictures, visiting cards, folders, and of course your name and logo. 
PRICE: 35€


4* Meet and Greet with your tenants and Key Handing.

We speak 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch. So we can help a lot of people in their language. 
PRICE: UNTIL 10.00pm  - 30€
             AFTER 10.00pm - 40€
             AFTER 00.00am - 50€


5* Personal attention and help for your tenants.

In the case of an emergency, we can go with them to translate, to the hospital, police, etc
We can help them with a rental car, tickets for events, or other issues. 
They can call us 7/7 - 24/24h but only for emergencies. And we will help them. 
PRICE: 15€/hour



Normal cleaning - dusting, mopping, take off the linen or replace new one, kitchen -  just normal cleaning 
studio 65€ 
1 bed/1 bath 70€ 
2 bed/1 bath 85€ 
2 bed/2 bath 95€ 
3bed/ 2 bath 120€ 
4 bed/2 bath 145€  
More than 4 bed  Ask for the price.

Extra cleaning = normal cleaning + windows, terrace, window rails, closets, kitchen. PRICE: +30€ on the prices above

House cleaning after-sale - before new owners come = deep cleaning from top till bottom: PRICE: 13€/hour

Washing + ironing curtains: 15€/pair 

Washing and ironing all kinds of wash (linen, clothes, etc): ask for our special prices



7* We can also provide:

- renovations - prices on demand
- remodeling your property to make it look better - prices on demand
- painting your house outside and inside: PRICE: 15€/hour - quickly and very neat! 


8* In need for new tailer made curtains, pillows, bedcovers?

Call us and ask for prices!



When you are in need of more services that are not in our list, please just ask. We can provide a lot. 
In need for a driver, cook, live music, waiters for an event or home party, party festivities for dogs, dog sitter, baby sitter, this belongs to the services we provide! 




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